30 Things I Love Right Now (a/k/a another damn list)


I can’t write.

Or I don’t want to write.

Or I am just not writing.

Any way you look at it, no writing is being done.

Except for right now, obviously.

And so I’m going to write.

A list, of course.

Today I’m inspired by T.J. Beitelman’s “30 Things I Love Right Now” (which I’ve been reading and loving for AGES (or at least a year), but have never actually done myself….).

So, here it is:

30 Things I Love Right Now

1.  Sunday mornings.

2.  Pinterest.  Seriously.  It’s becoming a problem.

3.  This elephant.


4.  Fresh sheets right out of the dryer.

5.  My white fluffy towels.  Which are both a great idea (you can bleach them!) and a horrible idea (I wear fake tanning cream!) and still I love them.

6.  Chocolate.

7.  Especially the chocolate flavor of Abuelita’s hot chocolate.

8.  Which I’ve been drinking quite a bit of lately, despite the heat.  Maybe I should try iced hot chocolate?  Hmmmm.

9.  My treehouse room at the top of the stairs.  Windows on three sides, twin bed, bookshelves, an outlet = everything I need.

10.  My house.  Which is to say my Mom’s house, that I live in.  I love when people walk in for the first time and are blown away by the colors and fun.  I love when I see new things I never noticed before, which is pretty much always, since I mostly live in my head and don’t see things around me.

11.  Dreams.

12.  Specifically, remembering my dreams.  Last night I dreamt about my Mom.  I gave her a really long hug and remembered how tiny she was in the end.  It made me happy and sad.

13.  Lime sorbet.

14.  Lime popsicles.

15.  Limes

16.  Also lemons, but I haven’t been able to find them at the store lately.

17.  Music.

18.  Especially this:

19.  Thich Nhat Hanh.  Everything about him.

20.  Sitting with my friend Sharon in front of her store in the town square and watching people come and go. (Yes, I live in a place that has a town square — and it is awesome.)

21.  Amazon’s book store.  It’s dangerous and wonderful.

22.  My new purple skort.

23.  Skorts in general.

24.  This:


25.  My friend Kim’s TV series recommendations — she turned me onto Orange is the New Black, The Killing, Luther, The Fall (Gillian Anderson!), Scandal, etc. etc.  (Note:  This Kim is real.  She lives in Cancun, not in my head.)

26.. Also her advice.  Which, to be honest, is pretty much always:  CALM DOWN, YOU’RE FINE.

27.  I’m in love with that moment when I let go of some crap that has been rolling around in my mind for too long and I finally realize it’s not important.  “Oh, ok….” (Sometimes as a direct result of the aforementioned Kim-advice)

28.  Lobster bisque at Las Palmeras.

29.  The silly monkey hanging from my rear-view mirror (the one in MY CAR, which I also LOVE).  He reminds me that I can be silly.  And also that I have big ears, but they’re cute.

30.  Writing.  Having written.  🙂



p.s.  this was actually pretty fun — although i was surprised that it was a bit tough to come up with 30 things.  that seems wrong.  i am going to work on appreciating what i appreciate a little bit more.

p.p.s.  my teacher has been out of town for awhile, so i haven’t done anything really spectacular in terms of major breakthroughs (which could happen with or without her, so i don’t know why i’m saying that)(anyway) but i am making space for the four year old kimmy and i’m making a conscious effort to be good to her and not to abandon her.  so far, so good.

p.p.p.s.  mexico is celebrating today!  it’s independence day here and tonight should be fun – fireworks!  music!  food!  Viva Mexico!




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4 responses to “30 Things I Love Right Now (a/k/a another damn list)

  1. tjbeitelman

    Humbled. That you’ve been reading. And that it helped you make something. Thanks.

    • kim

      And now I’m humbled (and OMG I hope this isn’t the only post he read, because it’s certainly not the best. or the funniest. and is he grading me? gah!) Thank you for reading. I somehow found you via Havi a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. Looking forward to John the Revelator (and does that have anything to do with Glen Hansard and the song, I now wonder?) being available in electronic format.


  2. Mary Jordan

    I need to get the book. And, hmmmmm….. I think I, too, will make That List — perhaps starting with
    1. Having a loving, off-the-wall fun, nonjudgmental friend. (that would be YOU)

  3. irene

    hi kim, i emailed a reply on sunday but i see it didn’t get though. have you been following the weather here in colorado? 50 year flood! hail, flash flooding and raining non-stop for almost a week! in FL now, visiting my dad. what i wrote to you sunday was a comment about what e. hemmingway sadid: commit to wrting a page a day and in a year you’ll have a book!
    xo irene

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