I finally have some stuff to write about that *isn’t* grief or depression, but am I writing it today? NO. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the deal:  I finally have some shit to write about that isn’t related to death/dying/grief /depression and/or presumptuous pretend-Buddha iguanas.*


Like, “Hey y’all, my blog is now ONE YEAR OLD!”


“Hey, remember last Valentine’s Day when I enacted that stupid no-dating/sex Moratorium (and then substantially complied with it?)  It’s officially over today!”


“Hey, it turns out that I’m probably going to stay here, in Mexico, and try to scrabble out a meager existence in paradise (whether I want to or not) this is major!”

That is a LOT of fodder for blog posts.

I should be ecstatically writing my little heart out.

But I’m not.

I mean, I’m writing this, right now, but trust me, I’m practically having to force each word.

Each.  Fucking.  Word.

Oh, the “I don’t want to write and you can’t make me” trauma/drama/angst going on in my head is truly remarkable.


(it took me 10 minutes to come up with writing “Remarkable.”…again.)

(I’m not kidding.)

Now what?

I’m so resistant today that I don’t even want to entertain the thought of  trying to figure out what the fuck is responsible for this latest writer’s block.


I guess I won’t.


Happy Valentine’s Day….



*except for this:  Sue, the pretend-Buddha iguana is NOT ON THE WALL TODAY!  I can’t find him anywhere.  It’s very unlike him to not be on the wall.  OMG what if he is in the house?  Totally.  Creepy.

** and I guess I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has gone on this blogging “journey” with me over the last year.  It’s been fun and crazy and weird and oh-the-wonderful-people-I’ve-“met”-here.  As of yesterday I had a little over 10,000 page views and 80 blog posts….say WHAT?!  You guys are awesome, every last one of you.


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4 responses to “I finally have some stuff to write about that *isn’t* grief or depression, but am I writing it today? NO. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. All I’m gonna say is go check the shower. Now. Cuz if a creepy pretend Buddha iguana named Sue is hiding out in your house somewhere it’s bound to be the shower. Because that would be the creepiest place to be. Bring a knife. Or crickets (do pretend Buddha iguanas eat crickets?). I’ll back you up… virtually. Which is to say, not at all. You’re on your own with the creepy pretend Buddha iguana.

    But never alone on your fun and crazy and weird journey! Screw writer’s block. Just start typing because whatever you type always brings a smile to my face.

  2. Mattheww

    🙂 Happy 1year Birthday Blog!! Keep up the good work Kim!

  3. irene

    happy valentine’s day to you too! so happy for you that you might be staying in Mexico (what a mystery life is, huh?) that’d be awesome. . . i’m really going to have to dust off my old passport, get a new one and plan a trip down (that is if you’ll be there towards the end of this year. . .b/c i’m taking 2 trips so far for & with family. . .but haven’t been to mexico since 1998 (at least i can say i’ve been there, huh? this is just great news! and of course i’m jealous. . . you could become bilingual, go be a waitress for $$, write in your down time, fall in love, the possibilities are endless! can’t wait for your next blog entry! what are you going to write about????? love, i

  4. Sue T

    Oh, my, Happy Blog Day! (late Valentines optional!)
    And happy Moratorium. (If so.)
    I’m glad you could write even if it took lots longer than 10 minutes.
    I hesitate to say so when I know how hard some of these entries are to put together … but my day is always improved if you have a new post. Even if it is about not-happy stuff.

    That is so wierd about your wall-sitter. Has he/she shown up yet?

    ❤ ❤

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