I’ve got nothing. Except my earthquake story. And PTSD.

I went to Washington DC and came back with two hats, a t-shirt, invaluable Segway driving experience and earthquake-related PTSD.

I am completely unable to write anything meaningful at this time.

(I am, however, able to mess around on Wordle.net, hence the picture above.)

I don’t think my writer’s block (or whatever it is) is solely related to the earthquake, but it didn’t help.

It also didn’t help that, after the earthquake + the earthquake-related travel issues yesterday, Mom woke up this morning and accidentally took her “nighttime” medicines. 

Very.  Long.  Stressful.  Day.


I’m fine.



p.s.  the “son going to college” thing went fine.  he’s having a blast and i hardly ever cry…. (just kidding, i cry all the time)  (JUST KIDDING!)

p.s.s.  yes, there was an earthquake, but the trip to washington dc was amazing.  more later.


August 24, 2011 · 8:36 pm

5 responses to “I’ve got nothing. Except my earthquake story. And PTSD.

  1. Claire P

    Stoopid tectonic plates!! Errggh, just keep on keeping on, I guess. You’re doing okay.

    Besides, Wordle is kind of like writing anyway. And it looks arty so it even qualifies as CREATIVE writing, in my HIGHLY ESTEEMED opinion. Yes.

  2. Sue T

    At my house in Maryland, the earthquake was wavy rather than a real jolt, but I read that Baltimore and further south had quite a sharp shake. Maybe all the newer townhouse units here swayed together, which may have dampened the motion a bit.
    Anyway, it’s good you’re back home.

    Glad you got out before the hurricane! 🙂

    • kim


      i didn’t know you were in maryland. i hope you (and your home)(and everything) survived hurricane irene and aren’t dealing with any of that icky flooding!

      my earthquake experience is hard to describe — i don’t think it was a sharp shake, but the ground definitely moved (weirdest feeling ever) and swayed and the noise was deep and rumbly and awful.

      i will be just fine if i never feel one again.

      p.s. when is rally!? are you excited?

  3. lisa

    what you are feeling is completly normal for a sudden, unexpected event … its called ‘stress response”, and vast majority of people it lasts for days or a few weeks ..your brain literally goes numb, while its trying to process what happene. you lose sleep, feel hyper vigilant, start to worry about your mortality, if there will be another unexpected and suddn event, jump at every noise, appetite affected, and feel scared and on edge a lot of the time. this often then resolves with support from friends and loved ones… if it goes on for six months and is continuing to affect your life and your ability to function, THEN its ptsd.

    this said by someone who has been diagnosed with ptsd; im in christchurch new zealand, and our city has been rocked by nearly eight thousand aftershocks frolwoing one major earthquake after another in the past fifteen months. one of them killed nearly two nundred people, and the aftershocks are STILL coming. its very difficult to recover when you are still in the danger zone

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