One way to avoid writing brilliant shit is to mess around with your blog theme, FYI.

Which is what I’m doing today, obviously.

I kind of love this “theme” — it is Talavera pottery-inspired (as is, ummm, my artistic genius Mother (with great hair)) and I love all the color. 

 Color!  Color!  Color!

It is pretty “busy” though.  And Mom is kind of offended that I would use anything other than the picture of her hammock at her house in Pto. Morelos as my background/header.  Which, frankly, probably would have stopped me from changing it but instead of saying something reasonable, like “That’s nice, but I really like your current theme”, she said “But you can’t change the hammock picture!” 

And you know how I feel about people telling me what I can’t do.  Especially when they are my mother.

Yes, I am oppositional/defiant.  Is that a problem?

So, I’m going to mess around with this new theme and see if I can make it work.  It might not work.  I’m just playing.  It makes me feel creative, MOTHER.  We weren’t all born with creative genius just oozing out of us and showing up in every single thing we do.  Nor were we all born with perfect fucking hair.  Thankyouverymuch.

Thoughts?  Suggestions? (Unless the suggestion is “do what your mother says…”)

Oh wait.  One more thing:


I love you the most, even though Jonas got all the artistic talent and Sarah got the pretty teeth and dimples and they both got the curly hair.  I got to be your first baby and your best friend and the person who drives you the most crazy and your comic relief and the person who drives you around the most, period.  And my baby boy (who is almost NINETEEN) got the best grandma ever and I only hope that I can be just like you when I have my own grandbabies (a loooooong time from now) and even if I can’t be just like you, I will make sure they know the beauty of picking up rocks and eating ice cream for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) and pillow fights.  Mostly I just love you.  If I had a donut, I would give you the hole.





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3 responses to “One way to avoid writing brilliant shit is to mess around with your blog theme, FYI.

  1. kim

    And I’m trying to figure out where my comments would show up on this new theme…?

  2. Sue T

    Wowie, this is beeoootiful!
    I liked the hammock, too.
    Hammock feel = happy, calm, restful.
    Colorful pottery feel = happy, energized, fractal.

  3. Sue T

    P.S. HB again to your Mom!

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